@IcyGrillz this was the first thing I thought of seeing the pictures haha. But I guess we are beating a dead horse, we know the media and public opinion is shit.

@ProfWorr shouldn't we be calling them out for not social distancing?

@PhoneBoy This is absolutely 100% true. All my yuppie liberal college engineering friends think we need to remain closed. Everyone I talk to at the gas station I work at thinks otherwise. Ridiculously elitist.

Also, at said gas station, we have about 1000 customers per day. Guess how many of my coworkers have gotten sick. Zero.

@chris wait is he sending this to you personally?

@chris why does this guy seem like such a prickledick

@nostradamust Thank you. That seems to be what I've heard most. The series is supposedly based off one of the survivors books. Gives a very anti government spin. Rare for Netflix.

@Freakwater Are you a lonely mother stuck at home? Because those are the only kind people that use those emojis.

@CSB If WHO had the data or studies, wouldn't they just say so? It seems like a fear mongering headline to imply they have data that it can reinfect. Here's a COVID-19 study done on monkeys in March that shows that they were not successfully able to reinfect them after recovery from the initial infection.


@CSB It's not scientific to say that there's "no evidence" of something. It simply means that no studies have been performed on the matter and they have no data to assert that people with antibodies are or aren't immune.

@chris @adam science the god, not science the process. People eat this shit up and put other people down for something they don’t understand.

@Freakwater @CSB ahhh the only two people on here that still believe the media

Has anyone here watched WACO on netflix? If so, do you remember how the media portrayed the massacre at the time? (I was born in 92 so I have no idea) Its a pretty interesting show though, regardless of how accurate it is.

@turkeypolicesunglasses sounds kind of bullshitty especially since it’s huffpost

@levisan do you think that change has anything to do with the events we see taking place today?

@johnww2 @Jradical and I have this exact same issue at our work. The crows are relentless. Sometimes we get seagulls too. It’s a madbirdhouse

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