@RoboftheVolcano its cool according to half the country i'm a terrorist anyway. although i have heard (not verified) that even our military uses these over seas (our as in USA). It's a great truck too bad they don't sell it here had to get it in mexico. it has a diesel and a six speed!

@halleberry YES i live in Hawaii never seen one. Was it a problem to bring in. Everything I have is Diesel.

@RoboftheVolcano Technically the truck is "visiting". I have a mexi drivers license and insurance. It's been here for two years and haven't had a problem with anything. Diesel is the way to go. Its got plenty of power and gets 25-30 mpg. Plus it was super cheap! (thanks to the strong dollar)

@halleberry @RoboftheVolcano Is it possible to legally import it into USA (not 'visiting')?

Hilux is the truck of choice for jihadi's ("Technicals"), UN, Red Cross, Overlanders/Campers all over the world (except USA, because Tacoma) and survivalists. Africa is full of these, they last forever.
Look up Top Gear indestructible Hilux. They put one on top of a 30 story building that was blown up for demolition, it still ran after that (some body damage).

@wdelaet I believe I have heard of a few of these being imported through florida. It doesn't have DEF in the mexican version so EPA won't allow it but apparently some people got around that. It has DEF in australia. I get a ton of comments whenever I drive around from tacoma bros and south americans. And I have seen that top gear its crazy. This thing is bare bones. roll up windows manual locks, didn't come with a radio (but had speakers and wiring). I love it.

@wdelaet @halleberry Yes the new US SPEC TOYOTAS HAVE TO MUCH SHIT ON THEM. I doubt i could get one into Hawaii. Even though we do have the TOYOTA DISTRIBUTOR FOR POLYNESIA. !

@RoboftheVolcano @wdelaet I got this truck off the toyota lot for 21k. that includes a 16% tax for mexico. its a 2019 and i bought it in nov. of 2018.

I did have to become a mexican resident to get it though

@RoboftheVolcano @wdelaet maybe I can call it a Dreamer and theyll let it be officially imported?

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