I work at a gas station in the Seattle area. Public opinion of the stay home order is an astounding “FUCK YOU GOVERNOR INSLEE”. Same thing with everyone I work with. If your poor and trying to make a living you are now officially fucked. If you don’t work you’re fine. If you’re white collar you’re probably fine too. This does not bode well for the dems.

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@halleberry I agree with pretty much everything, except the "bad for Dems" part.
Dems are not the party of blue collar working people, just the lefty elitists, rich people and upper class white collar people.
It's bad for the country, because 30% unemployment is gonna leave a bit of a stain on society and safety for a while.
Dems just pretend to be for poor people just to get their votes.

@wdelaet this is true but it’s bad for this illusion they are good for poor. Now that the livelihoods of their voters are actually being affected I think all the PC BS that they spew is gonna have a nasty after taste. But you’re right, I’m being hopeful.

@halleberry Inslee is actually up for relection this year too (Unlike CA, MA, NY) It be interesting to see if they do vote the idiot out. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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