should i be worried that i don't believe corona v will affect me in any way whatsoever?

@halleberry A co-worker came in this morning freaking out that she couldnt find any masks in town anyplace. I told her they don't protect you from catching it, but rather from spreading it. I could see her mind swapping from mode of panic to another.

@Toygun I don't know if I'm missing something with the whole thing. It just feels like its another swine flu or something that of course will kill a bunch of people but realistically just isn't worth a reaction. I guess my distrust of media/hype/things to fear is at an all time high.

@halleberry I agree totally. Then again i'm the prepared type. Beans and bullets. Be the Ant, not the grasshopper.

We stand a greater risk from the reaction by the zombie masses than we do from actually catch it.

Overheard my 60+ coworker saying she called around to hazmat places and they refused her, saying they were saving them for hospitals and paramedics etc.
It's this that's scary, not the virus itself...

@dowodenum @halleberry

Bingo!! the masses freaking out is the real danger

@Toygun @dowodenum I like this because now I have a very good reason to stock up on ammo haha. I run a gas station so I always figured that in some sort of ridiculous public freak out I'd lock the tanks and sit on my gold mine of fuel. However, there is basically no food in the house. I should move forward with my prepper tendencies as well.

@Toygun @dowodenum Holy [non swear word] I'm not a mormon but and fascinated by their level of organization for the size of the church. Very interesting stuff I'll definitely look through that

@Toygun @dowodenum this is more than a start this thing is ridiculously in depth!

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