They’ve got us all trained so well.

Can A Governor REALLY "order" 40 Million Americans To Stay In Their Homes? - YouTube

OK. So I am taking the advice of Adam to build a Mastodon Server of my own. All going well. I have a Ubuntu server all fired up and ready to deploy Mastodon. But, Im stuck at a certain point. I understand that this isn't a tech discussion site, but if there is anyone I may bounce a question or two or three off of, please drop me a PM. Thanks.

I work at a gas station in the Seattle area. Public opinion of the stay home order is an astounding “FUCK YOU GOVERNOR INSLEE”. Same thing with everyone I work with. If your poor and trying to make a living you are now officially fucked. If you don’t work you’re fine. If you’re white collar you’re probably fine too. This does not bode well for the dems.

is there a fight club for those who believe in covid hysteria vs. those who don't? I don't care if I kick some ass or get mine kicked, somethings gotta give

Oh -

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. It is an old saying for a reason.

A great example. Write the script once and recycle as needed...
Blast From The Past: Swine Flu Spreads, US Prepares for Pandemic in 2009

Gonna be interesting to see what this situation is really providing smoke and cover to protect.

this stupid virus and its stupid memes have ruined the internet bye

Fear is the mark of those to be culled - coronavirus, 2020

Did trump change his tune on corona because he was pressured to do so or he’s about to spin this into something positive for the country?

for some reason this pandemic scare feels different. I think it may have to do with the fact that EVERYONE SHOULD EFFIN KNOW BETTER BY NOW. I am 100% judging everyone who hasn't figured this out yet. ESPECIALLY NA listeners.

should i be worried that i don't believe corona v will affect me in any way whatsoever?

Okay No Agenda family, I RSVP,d for the June 6th Seattle meetup! Who else is with me? Please boost!

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