You first have the ability to define what a “great day” looks like for your Self. You then have the power to make your day great for your Self.

What happened to Black Lives Matter? Ol’ Joe is “in office”, so, now Black people are free and equal, no longer subjects of police or citizen racism nor violence?

I don't know if this one's been posted around yet but it seems to be something that everybody else should have.

My first time, my first sunset, in Northern New Mexico. Very peaceful! I remember a similar feeling of peace in Neah Bay, WA.

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Link should scroll you to "Comorbidities"

They say "For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death."

WTH? — CDC Lists 26,557 Heart Attacks as COVID Deaths, Lists 7,919 Accidents and Poisonings as COVID Deaths

From the video. The Cares Act passed by Congress in March gives hospitals a 20% bonus for everyone listed as Covid death without any indication, paid for by Medicare.

For only 6% of all deaths Covid-19 was the only cause of death.

All the other had underlying illnesses that probably would have killed them anyway without the help of Covid.

I’m in love with what NA producers can produce! Keeping up with the creativity makes all of us happy :-)

I’m flying above the clouds right now, a show titled The Midnight Gospel being welcomed into my creative receptors, on a beautiful journey at the only time in my life.
...whaaa do you see in the attached photo that I stopped typing with 333 characters left!? Fudgin’ hashtag itm y’all!

Remember to make others happy through your day! Smiling is a great way to do it :-)

Remember to believe in your self, in your journey to know more about who you are. None of us know who we are in total, we are simply on our ongoing quest to discover more about our selves.

Today I wake up in my car, walk into a WalMart and brush my teeth.

I loathe using iOS anymore. What happened to the envisioned easy to use system?

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