It wasn't that long ago that if you saw these planes, you disappeared...

Why is Dem star AOC at the border crying in cute white outfit?
Because immigration attorney's need to donate to the Democrats so they can end that evil travel ban!

Keeping the dress from an alleged sex act channels Lewinsky/Clinton. Is there Trump DNA on it?

Jussie Smollett should launch a clothing line of suits for marching in and out of court.

Chinatown in Boston being fitted with the 5G brainwave antenna's.

A lot of the changes made to the Marvel Comic universe that people attribute to SJW first appeared in EARTH X (2006). Dr Strange and Thor were now women and Spiderman was fat and his belly hung out of his spidey suit. The hulk was like a baby or an ape and some kid rode on his back.

Vacationing on the US dime, again, fanning the flames of unrest at home.

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