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"If you want to help a lib understand illegal immigration, cut the line at Whole Foods."

Strong candidate for Tweet Of The Week.

Because of the terrible performance of the candidates in last nights debate I can openly criticize them without being punched in the face and called a nazi.

does China know that the golden child is on Amazon?

at first I was angry they wouldn't let C-Span air it, but now I'm glad these debates won't sully C-Span's reputation as a serious source for politics.

My takeaway from the debate was thus:

Their tax plans do not include growth, which is why Trump's plan worked. More people paying in means more money to slosh around.

The Healthcare chatter, that was supposed to endear them to the public, was convoluted and bizarre.

I didn't hear anything about China or Hong Kong.

Biden's involvement in Ukraine was turned into a way for Joe to praise his creepy son.

None of these candidates knows anything about our involvement in Syria. Nothing at all.

I gave up on the debate. Gave me a fucking headache.

The single word I have not heard these debate candidates say:


Which is how Donald Trump did it.

ugh. Democratic debate makes my head hurt.

Dug out the old 'prison radio' to listen to this stupid debate.

It's ridiculous that the debates are on youtube but not on C-Span. I'm not voting democrat for that reason alone.

How did Beto celebrate Hispanic heritage month?

Oh yeah, he's Irish...

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Is there a conversation shorthand trick for dealing with when you're having a friendly conversation with a progressive and they politely ask you to explain your side of a story that completely disagrees with what the MSM has been saying for weeks?

Like... even when someone asks for it, I don't really want to be performing some kind of reeducation.

Today I opted for "the reason we don't agree is that we are living in different realities."

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Amtrak asked me via email to participate in a survey.

> For the best survey experience, we recommend that you open this link on a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer instead of a smartphone.

They can't be bothered to support smartphone access -- how complicated are these questions?!

And they did not include any instructions or URL to actually PARTICIPATE in the survey.

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The church tax break question asked to Beto O’Rourke was not framed in a fashion that suggested mosques could also be targeted, nor was his answer to that question. This singling out the Christian church for its opposition to sexual deviance (although similar pronouncements exist within Islam and Judaism) reveals Beto as an anti-church, anti-Christian candidate.

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New Episode of "Moe Factz with Adam Curry " Podcast now available!!!

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