@curtis coming soon to an occidental country near you!

@polarisera well this one is new. now its good to have a family member die suddenly. audacious!

@DW2 rack up loads of consumer debt, make it unbareable and where ppl are literally getting crushed by it. introduce the credit relief system where IMF will bail our your debts however you are not allowed to own any more property and you must maintain good social credit in order to maintain your digital currency account with the IMF.

expected roll out in 2030?

🤔 I'm sure those 87,000 new IRS agents are gonna really stick it to millionaires

@EarlThePearls @NBS need horizon is most likely 1 heck of a long time out h/e might tighten that up if i find some decent airbnb opportunities... still dependent on western gov'ts not allowing ppl to travel :S lol

@EarlThePearls @NBS agreed! well would be worth looking into h/e GOGL is def the higher performer there, plus might mix in a few other dividend yielders for my self-managed portion. big chunks gotta stay in SPY & TLT for now. got little idea what i'm doing... maybe do a little high risk in the wifey's tax free acct hehe

@EarlThePearls @NBS damn! those shipping cos are doing quite alright! thanks!

how would DVND work? i guess as dividends get paid it'll add to the cap of that ETF?

@EarlThePearls @NBS did that ETF just start on friday? i can't find any history on it.

"An Access to Information request by Blacklock's Reporter has revealed that Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Regina demanded that employees record the names of customers who supported the Freedom Convoy financially. Internal documents show that staff were even compiling names after the Emergencies Act was lifted."


Pro-Abortionists: "We have to protect women from rape, incest, fetal abnormality and when the health of the mother is in jeopardy"

Indiana: "OK, we passed a bill prohibiting abortion except in cases of rape, incest, fetal abnormality, or when the the health of the mother is in danger."


Sagan was an atheist yet he realized demonic forces were at play. 1995!

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