The KryonEngine - The Open-sourced Magnetic Free Energy Device

I cannot verify the claim here, if it is easy then why is there no video or device to demonstrate it. I am more than sceptical here.


Hungarian MP links sharp decline in birth rate to mass vaccination against Covid-19.

Speaking at a session of the national parliament, Dora Duro noted that the number of births in Hungary has decreased by 20% this year compared to the same period last year. In addition, the national birth rate has also decreased.

"The movement "Our Fatherland" is the only party that has opposed the introduction of compulsory vaccination. We are still the only party that advocates a policy of dealing with...

I know comparing modern America to Idiocracy is kind of a meme at this point, but there's a reason the comparison keeps coming up

These damn leprechauns really make it hard to find their gold
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In theory, every rainbow is a circle, but from the ground, usually only its upper half can be seen. This is not the case of Fabrizio Maciel, who captured a full-circle rainbow in this clip: [read more:]

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