So, where does that lead?

That China and the US are LINKED in their research at Wuhan, where we KNOW gain of function was researched, funded by the NIH (Fauci), performed by EcoHealth Alliance of Peter Daszak.

We ALSO know that the Chinese military was involved in that same laboratory: they absolutely KNEW what was going on, there.

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I thought it was only a fringe group with unacceptable thoughts. Why close bridges to defend yourself from your own people, Bideau?

JUST IN - #Ottawa partially closes the bridge connecting Ontario to Quebec from 8pm tonight due to the "planned protest" by truckers this weekend.

will you fags buy more BTC?!? I'm in at $66,970 and want to get out!

WILL Asks Wisconsin Supreme Court to Take Challenge to Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes

"WILL filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Waukesha County voters in June 2021 challenging the legal status of absentee ballot drop boxes after WEC issued unlawful guidance to clerks, in 2020, encouraging the use of absentee ballot drop boxes, and telling voters that others can return their ballot for them.

This advice was contrary to state law."

I would listen to an entire podcast series that is just Adam and John mocking Scott Adams

The step comes after Germany expelled two Russian envoys over a Moscow-linked murder of a Georgian citizen in Berlin.
Russia expels two German diplomats in tit-for-tat move

Eps 1394: Dr. Peter McCullough's clips played on the show. I obviously found the clips in the show notes, but I am struggling with finding the full interview (or what have you) those clips were taken from. I'd love to listen to that entire audio, so to any producers in the know: I'd love a direction to start with. And thank you in advance for your help!

Evil Liar and Satanic Puppet Fauci Says Unvaccinated Americans Could Lead to Dangers of Fifth Covid Wave (VIDEO) -

Look at the little message that insta added on the bottom

Thank you India! I don’t want to hope and rely on the local pharmacies and their wile employees in case my family or I might need it.
12 mg ivermectin @$1.60 per pill

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