Easy to understand Bitcoin explanation! FINALLY someone explains it in layman's terms.

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The future is weird and wild and we're in it! is now a sponsor in Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, which can be downloaded on indie game platform itch.io. So cool to see @Laurien have artwork in a video game! If you're a gamer you should stack sats while you game.

one of my favourite songs by neutral milk hotel, so full of emotion and melancholy. i meant to post it on April 8th but I forgot.


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@adam @Johncdvorak Please review the attached image. I hassled health Canada to the point they FINALLY responded.

These motherfuckers are using 40-45 cycles.

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>How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories?

>3: Encourage critical thinking

>People who believe conspiracy theories often say: "I do my own research."

>The problem is that their research tends to consist of watching fringe YouTube videos, following random people on Facebook, and cherry-picking evidence from biased Twitter accounts.

anti-Mafia discourse by a non-Mafia member is totally outside of the bounds of normal discourse and relies on selective evidence, Professor Mafia has said
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Beef short ribs just thrown on. Have to make room in freezer.

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Finally, Canadians, a generally rule-abiding people, are already growing restive about #covid19 restrictions. There was a small riot in #Montréal last weekend about the curfew (yes, yes, there are people in Montréal who riot for trivial reasons). Although we will continue to hear voices (e.g., the #CBC ) pushing for lockdowns, circuit-breakers, etc., the population will insist on removing most restrictions in early Summer. Politicians will listen to their voters and acquiesce.

#canpol #polqc

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It never gets old living out in the wilderness for days and weeks at a time. I could wander the rest of my life, with periodic interjections of companionship and camaraderie.

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"I don't stand in line for anything." -- Adam Curry.

My man!

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Ralph Gonsalves, said that only vaccinated people would be accepted onboard the Royal Caribbean & Carnival Cruise arriving. He also said neighbouring islands of St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua would only accept vaccinated refugees.

The thing is the cruiselines and the governments did not say this.

Let's call the representatives of the ships and the governments.

This is beyond illegal.

they're just up and saying it now. frogman warned us about these people

I found this, I feel like it would be a good album cover

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Hmm... seems kinda plausible, doesn't it. A forthcoming Zune relaunch sounds as logical an explanation as any for the craziness of today's world.

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