What's up with the reflections of your character model in Ghostwire Tokyo?

If you're playing Elden Ring check out this guide for fast easy levelling!

If your safety costs my sanity, then fuck your safety you selfish cunt🖕

WTF with the Melbourne "earthquake"?! I didn't feel a thing. I've had multiple people reach out to ask how big it was for me. People north, south, east and west have reported feeling it 🤷 Nothing to see here 🤔

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"Truckies and Tradies unite. THIS IS WHAT THEY FEAR. When the White working class unites and have decided they’ve had enough of this tyrannical bullshit."

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@geekaloud youtube works multi magnutude better than any other, you just dont get the truth or uncensored content.

Is there a clear leader in alternatives to YouTube that offer a wider range of acceptable ideas?

Playing hang man against my 5 year old son. He almost got me 🤣😂🤣

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@gregbuckley what are you thoughts on this policy proposal by the Liberal Democrats? ldp.org.au/covid_policy

Please let Aussie's know they have a legitimate party to get behind: ldp.org.au/covid_policy

Anybody in Australia got a good plan for schooling their children long term with the lockdowns? Is moving to a regional area the best chance for them to get an uninterrupted education?

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ITM @jitsi !

coming up on 44:44:44, still in the captains chair I'd say bat signal this test run has gone fairly well.

Thanks @adam for helping me get back in here 🙏🎉

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I would rather fail ten thousand times and be laughed at by ten million people than give up on my family, my dreams or my country even once.

Get in the arena. It's not as lonely as they told us.

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