Alright Slaves.

PLEASE is there anywhere I can get a grip on the Russian conflict?

What sources are you following?

The Lotus Podcast is where @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I discuss spirituality, healing, and achieving a higher consciousness.

I have music going on the stream at the moment, but will be going LIVE with my Podcasting Partner in Crime momentarily to discuss how the universe speaks to all of us. If the universe has spoken to you, give us a call and leave a voicemail at 253-237-3321

Listen Live:
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What Twitter or Mastodon accounts are you reading to understand this conflict in ?

I'm clueless to what is going on. And I'm sure as hell not going to depend on the M5M.

If you're a programmer and worry about censorship or regulations, learn about Web3.

No one can censor what you do on the decentralized Ethereum network.

So start learning and stop complaining.


Enjoying this Friday night by exploring the @[email protected] API.

Working with Next.js (React)

Last night I created some issues in the Podverse repos for Hacktoberfest, and within an hour 2 people offered to work on them. I highly recommend anyone with an open source project to add the hacktoberfest topic to your repos, and create some Github issues with the hacktoberfest label.

For more info:

Thank you @steven for telling us about Hacktoberfest :)

ITM y'all! I am only 12 subscribers from 12K on the Animated No Agenda YouBoob channel.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. . .I know I shouldn't give two hoots about YouBoob, but it seems like a nice milestone to cross before the show's 14th anniversary.

If you haven't yet subscribed, I would so appreciate it!


Oh wow.

Leo Laporte mentioning "Adam Curry's podcast" but refusing to say "NO AGENDA".

Listen to it in today's This Week in Tech. Minute 30.

What a sissy. What is he afraid of?

Plus it's such nonsense not to mention Dvorak - who he clearly knows.

What a coward.

I love this show.

It's the best podcast in the Universe -without a doubt.

But it's power lies in learning to question what you hear and it's sources.

Learn to question the show itself. Feel free to notice when they're as crazy as the media.

That is the true power of No Agenda.

No Agenda.



The FLCCC has been fighting for people's rights to take Ivermectin and vitamins to prevent serious illness.

Yet they've always said people should be vaccinated. Are they dumb too? Are they hypnotized?

Dr Pierre Kory, who has been a strong voice in the medical community about the positive use of Ivermectin has said that vaccines are important and help avoid serious illness.

So is he also a moron?
Is he wrong too?

He clearly states that it's useful to be vaccinated as well as keeping Ivermectin at hand.

Is he stupid and hypnotized?

Wake up people. The show is as crazy as the media if it only knows how to push back.

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