I have submitted my Memorandum for Religious Exemption today. I guess we will see what becomes of me come November 22nd.

P.s. If you bother to read this and take offense at my interpretation of Genesis- please forgive me. It is not my intent to be blasphemous towards the Christian Faith.

Thank you @zoon for your patience in helping me edit this. I couldn’t have done it without you.

@g33ksquared @zoon you sure spent way more time responding to those fucks' questions than they deserve. Damn!

@g33ksquared @zoon Good luck. I'm hoping and praying the best for you.🙏🤞

@g33ksquared I like the arguments and attitude shown here. As a citizen of the US I have zero problem with you keeping your job.

@g33ksquared @zoon you're beliefs are your own. No government may question them. May you be blessed on your path.

No offense taken, but Biblically unsound.
GOD didn't 'prohibit' mankind of the "Knowledge of Good and Evil," HE WARNED against it. HE knew mankind couldn't [and can't even today] grasp the information.
HE also knows Faith [trust/respect] is the better option only HE provides.

@g33ksquared TYFYC & best of luck with it! 🌟 Sending karma your way.

@g33ksquared @zoon Thanks for sharing this...and FWIW, I'm sorry you're going through this. Hopefully this can help others...I may be in a similar spot real soon now myself.

Very well said, thank you for your courage on this, and thanks again for sharing. If you're comfortable, please let us know how it plays out.

Best wishes!

@g33ksquared @zoon

good luck. you should not need to jump through hoops to make medical decisions for your self.

Fuck these tyrants .

@g33ksquared I hope you get the outcome you want and thank you for the
nature photos you frequently post.

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