First thing they'll do is take him in to a dark room with footage of kennedy playing on repeat and ask him if he has any questions.

@pdk tell them it doesn't count unless they can read it in the tribes language.

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"As a result of conquests, the Western Hemisphere is today a larger region of European civilization than Europe itself. Even those in the Western Hemisphere who hate European civilization express that hatred in a European language and denounce it as immoral by European standards of morality."

Thomas Sowell

ABC news talking with voters, which one do you think they used to represent voting for trump?

@Johncdvorak at the end of every news article i've read on this.

"Toobin is also known for his political books, including 2020's "True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump"

It was a publicity stunt to sell more books.

@Bjorg you got me curious on this and the effectiveness of whether it actually worked seems highly questionable.

"cnns manipulative new headline throws country in to fresh upheaval"

the m5m caught on late, but they are starting to realize their mistake with covid.

"asymptomatic" doesn't sound scary enough. "pre-symptomatic" is the new buzzword.

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There are no restrictions on who can sit on the supreme court(as long as they pass a senate vote), you don't even need to have a law degree.

the most trump thing trump could do would be to nominate himself as the next supreme court justice.

@MartinJJ @Johncdvorak more likely social services will contract this work out to companies who will send low paid and even lesser trained "case managers" to deal with these calls.

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1916 Eugenics News -> 1954 Eugenics Quarterly -> 1969 Social Biology -> 2008 Biodemograhy & Social Biology

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