"cnns manipulative new headline throws country in to fresh upheaval"

the m5m caught on late, but they are starting to realize their mistake with covid.

"asymptomatic" doesn't sound scary enough. "pre-symptomatic" is the new buzzword.

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There are no restrictions on who can sit on the supreme court(as long as they pass a senate vote), you don't even need to have a law degree.

the most trump thing trump could do would be to nominate himself as the next supreme court justice.

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1916 Eugenics News -> 1954 Eugenics Quarterly -> 1969 Social Biology -> 2008 Biodemograhy & Social Biology

Federal Regulations strike again:

"all Covid-19 tests have to be conducted in a lab by trained technicians... only labs that Have been certified by the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services can process clinical samples"


Soviet political cartoon from 1958, Think the kremlin might be feeling the same way about the situation in Idlib right now?

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