Latest Animated NA view count seems to be stuck at 666, at least for my phone.

@jennifer @futuretrash It's not stuck, really. It just never updates any faster than a few minutes per cycle. And for some types of videos it may only update a few times per day.


Luckily we passed the devil's mark, but we're still lower than average for the first few hours.

Luckily, I do this mostly for me and then secondly for producers looking to propagate.

I just can't get too involved in the numbers any more.


@jennifer @futuretrash well, DUH. I'm surprised the video hasn't been deleted and you haven't got an email saying some suits are going to come chat with you. This video is criticizing Chinese hegemony.


Ah, yes. I actually expect a take-down notice in 3. . .2. . .1.

I think we're off the radar because I don't have that many subs and we're not YT monetized.

**ducking for cover from China who is a$$hoe**


@william_doyle @jennifer @futuretrash I don't know the formula, but I think actual (REAL) popularity of the channel or the video has some effect on how often the view count is refreshed. It's never less often than once per day though.


On the analytics page I see changes really refreshed at 6 am each day. I don't really look at individual analytics more than once a day in the morning.

Views are down 25% over the last 6 weeks or so.

I can't worry about it. It's still really fun for me and I have no plans to stop. :)

@william_doyle @futuretrash

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