From my Facebag. I think it’s disgusting to be honest.

What is going on? On my Facebag there’s several people saying, “If you’re against fascism then you’re antifa.” I call bullshit. I think this is just propaganda to normalize the movement. Am I wrong??

Latest Animated NA view count seems to be stuck at 666, at least for my phone.

I have a black belt in keeping my pants up

Enjoyed this documentary

At 19:20 there’s an interesting part about China, nationalism, and social credit scores.

Get out the vote
Why are you hiding this ad?
>sensitive topic

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‪Fun social media game: report and hide all sponsored content. ‬

Demo of a song I made with my drum machines and synthesizers. Recorded to a cassette.

What racist things has Rush Limbaugh done besides hurting people’s feelings with words? Asking for a friend.

“Instead of responding to what he was saying I’m going to respond with what the Democrats are doing”

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