@furgar I was also going to point on the PS3 .vs PS5 thing but didn't want to overdo it. lol

@BillHartnett @furgar PS3 came out 30 years after Atari 2600, so it's a spot on comparison

@Irrelevant @furgar Didn't even notice it myself. I was thinking 30 years ago .vs NOW and PS world that's a PS5 not a 3 is all. I get it. 30 years .vs then & now. All good,

@BillHartnett @furgar
Oh shit, the private sector leads to dead people! 😱

@furgar Cars would be even further along if not for all the DOT/California fatawas.

@ReadyKilowatt @furgar YES!!! Check out how cheap the cheapest new car in Russia is, just because there are no retarded safety and eco mentalist regulations!

@blitzdriver @furgar Or the $5K electric city cars in China. Sure, they won't do 80 on a US style highway, but they will handle an intercity commute and grocery runs just fine.

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