he is my rep. he had two daughters, the one who just died and the younger one that tweet referenced. the one my daughter knows. so assuming they both took it and you can just make bullshit inferences about cause of death, what does it mean that only one of them are dead?

@wjmaggos it just means the other one was probably slightly healthier to handle the poison of the vaccine. Also to say a politician represents you only lowers the bar for your existence in this world. I wouldn't say that kind of stuff to people so flippantly.


I think you're a better person than you pretend to be. I think that's true of most of the people that constantly post the same biased crap on here. They apply much more logic to their personal lives than they do to their political thinking. Some day, you won't need to find your sense of community from tribal meme love.


@wjmaggos it sounds like I'm just further down the rabbit hole of conspiracy than you are. Even the surface level of looking into iatrogenic deaths you can plainly see combined with medical mistakes and malpractice that western medicine kills millions of people a year. This is the real pandemic, making people sick for profit.

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