@furgar I wish they would just flip us off with their middle fingers the old-fashioned way.


I know I’m a bit an asshole to say this but this photo is from 3 years ago jan 2019 ( as i mentioned yesterday to @jeremiahsnell and he didn’t like it)
I totally agree with the message it send to normies and i agree that these assholes talk one thing and do the opposite, i get it, but at least post a pic from 2022.
We have enough propaganda and fake news already floating around.
Thanks for not killing me about this but i don’t like fake shit.
Have a nice day.

@wyliesau @furgar are you trying to start shirt, clown? I wasn’t upset and in fact I don’t care. It’s social media no one gives a Fork! Go fork yourself douche bag and good day sir! This is the last time next time you’ll be blocked

@lain @furgar @cjd 300 guys did the planet a solid and doubled up on the private jet trip, be this guy, people

@furgar This meeting could've been a thread in mailing list. Or a video-conference.

Of course this is far from the first problematic and hypocritical thing the WEF does. Their entire stance on "intellectual property" has had a notable and significant cost on human progress and development of environmentally friendly technologies. All for the sake of profit.

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