I still don't trust him but Elon is showing people how to bypass the algos.

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@furgar and none of those choices show up on Twitter in the FireFox browser

@NoBeret I think in the mobile site it works. I'm using brave on my phone. If you are on the desktop site it might be different steps.

@furgar I went through anyplace I could find menus and didn't find it.
this stuff is for you phone people

@NoBeret this is what my phone looks like with the stars at the top right. I know this probably doesn't help you but just in case you are curious as to what it looks like, here it is.

@furgar Yes, nothing like that at all in my Twitter window in any browser.

Pretty sure it always existed, he's just pointing it out now.

Latest is not all tweets. Unless everyone tweeted a lot today, and took a break for a few days.

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