@furgar i have said this for years...school buses & public transport are NOT SAFE! we had 16 people or so die on a bus crash- 15 become paralyzed or lose a leg / arm in 2018 or something...this in Canadas capital on a double decker- politicians responded by A WEEK LONG RIDE ON THE BUSES TO SHOW THEY WERE SAFE ...not petiontioning for seat bealts...fucking traitors...FUCK JIM WATTSON

@100PercentCanadianMapleStirUp @furgar I have always wondered why they don't bother with seat belts on buses. Is it because adding them would be cost prohibitive?
@Mote @100PercentCanadianMapleStirUp @furgar I feel like the US being hyper-litigious factors in somehow

It usually does with these things
@Mote @denza252 @100PercentCanadianMapleStirUp @furgar yeah, seems something that the (insurance companies(banks(jews))) would push hard for. Maybe you cannot insure the children, or cannot shake down schools, old school mob school mob union.
@Mote @100PercentCanadianMapleStirUp @furgar you'd think so but some chucklefuck's kid is gonna get themselves tangled up in a seatbelt, choke or something, and boom, massive media blitz and litigation

At least thats what I'm thinking that they're thinking. I do know there _are_ buses with belts.
@denza252 @Mote @100PercentCanadianMapleStirUp @furgar

From what we remeber having this discussion in grade school, think the main reason is: unnecessary due to the rarity of a bus accident, buses are usually set on routes free of other large vehicles, clifs, etc, cost was also a reason, so was the intertia effect describe, and also cuz in situation where seatbelts are provided, kids dont seen to use them anyways, and end up just hitting each other with them in what not.

Fun Fact: in most jurisdictions, there is no written exemption for schoolbusses; it's just done that way because in school, adults are above the rules.

including actual laws.
@furgar the children in the bus work as inertia dampeners to increase fuel mileage and decrease brake wear. When you accelerate, they lean back, in case you need to stop again, reserving momentum for when you are ready to brake, which is when they lean forward. They make it much smoother ride as well.
@furgar There is no sign of this changing in the US?

Seatbelts are available (and mandatory to use when available) on almost all buses in Sweden and on many buses in HK, gradually increasing.
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