@furgar well, that just shows how far off the ruling class has gone with their preferred public opinion that their doing PR for.

Anyway, I'm curious, what does 'taking away from people' mean to you? What about taxes? Income inequality? Laws that privilege big corps? Where does taking away stop and necessary regulating start for you?

@anarchist912 im pretty anarchist when it comes to government. I dont believe equality should exist for income, taxation is theft, regulations end up helping big corps. The only reason privilege for corps exist is because of government and if you remove that protection then they will have to rely on making the customers happy instead of politicians.

@furgar Okay, now we see there are very wealthy people in the world, acting more and more like rulers of the world, even openly now.

Do you think they'd never gotten into this powerful position if the government regulations wouldn't have helped them?

Don't you think that people who want, will always find a way to maximize profit and thus gain power through economic means? Even without regulations? Think about times of monarchies. Didn't they gain in absence of regulations?

@anarchist912 in a capitalist system the only way to gain profit is by pleasing the customer and giving them what they want. We currently have a corporatist or crony capitalist system in place. Now more than ever people are finding out how free they are with the phantom menace shutting down businesses that the government should have no control over. Even going so far as being able to call a person non essential.

@furgar If pleasing the customer is the only law, what about the workers? If jobs are scarce in the market, the price for work will drop and you can increase the accumulation of capital. There is no limit other than resources itself. With handing down property, time is not a limit either. Thus you can become powerful enough to create states that apply regulations in your favour. Who will stop that from happening?

@anarchist912 jobs and resources are supposed to be scarce this is like a law of nature. Without government protection there will be a lot less handing down of property because each generation will have to fight to keep them in the free market. Usually without that protection people becoming wealthy changes hands a lot more frequently because you can make bad business decisions. Also without patents anyone can make the stuff on their own and try to sale it. No bailing out banks either.

@furgar okay. very good points. They all show self-regulating mechanisms of a free market. But we never had a free market, right? There have always been some kind of privileges, and they have been given by those in power. That was true in monarchies as well as ancient and modern "democracies". It's a chicken and egg issue. What came first? Privilege or power? They come hand in hand, thus you have to limit both, else one will create the other.

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