"... the best is yet to come." Donlad J Trump - Ad 2022

Trump posts APOCALYPTIC ad decrying America as 'a nation in decline' but promises a political future where 'the best is yet to come': Message comes hours after Lara Trump says on Fox News that the ex-president could 'announce any day' his 2024 bid


To all the Chinese nationals that are here: is a legitimate country (and the best country in the world) and in respect to the illegitimate country of China with its paper tiger CCP a very sincere "China is Asshole"

Snickers owner apologises after referring to Taiwan as a country


Netflix diversifies into pharmaceuticals...

‘Cocaine drought’ as $280m worth of Netflix-branded blocks seized


POC shockingly discovers that in Russia they actually enforce their laws instead of letting criminals walk free for their crimes.

Daily Mail: Brittney Griner is expected to be swapped with 'Merchant of Death' arms dealer within WEEKS as Biden slams Russia for her 'wrongful detention' and nine-year sentence for smuggling cannabis vape


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