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Doesn't this seem a bit ironic that all the Plague Doctor masks are coming out of China?

For members of the in self isolation due to the all I have to say is my thoughts are with you and remember is !


@adam I get it now, the JRE Podcast appearance was very clever, the opportunity for a 3 hour long native ad!

Well Done !

. After being in a area, washing your hands vigorously in a 100% solution of HCl for at least 30 seconds will guarantee removal of all traces of the and your .

Have you been using your in public in a known infection area?

When you get home put the phone in the on high for 30 seconds to ensure it is properly .

Remember the only way you can guarantee that you are 100% safe from from a carrier is to behead them. If they can't breath on you they can't infect you.

Harvey Weinstein didn't kill himself (yet)

All emails from China should be left unopened in your mailbox for at least 14 days to reduce the spread of corona-virus.

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