The swamp is back! Bigger, messier, and better than ever!

When do the arrests start? Steve P told me

ITM all,

The reason I love, and listen to no agenda isn't because they tell me what I want to hear. Rather it is because JCD and AC are very clear about their biases and in spite of them they do their utmost, alongside this fantastic community of producers, to objectively present information and inspire us to think critically and use it as we please to inform our opinions and actions.

@adam @Johncdvorak TYFYC


Get a fucking grip.

Listen to Ms. Beanz
h/t @teslanaut

If you think this over, you ain't paying attention.

Fat lady isn't even in the house yet.

Take your meds...bitches.

I would rather fail ten thousand times and be laughed at by ten million people than give up on my family, my dreams or my country even once.

Get in the arena. It's not as lonely as they told us.

Jimbo Strikes Yet Again.

@RealJamesWoods: "You, sir, are a piece of shit. No qualifiers, no leeway, just an unmitigated, lying, hypocritical piece of shit.

I’m confused. When we talked about flattening the curve, did no one understand there would be a second wave? Did no one understand that we simply postponed the spread until later?

Because that’s what flattening the curve means. If you reduced the amount of cases by 40%, that 40% doesn’t magically disappear!

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