@adam @Johncdvorak I'm confused. Are you guys talking about the same Scott Adams who created the Dilbert comic?

@adam I've noticed for the past few weeks downloading the show within 2 hours after you post the final mp3 on curry.com, the download speeds are very slow, taking 15-30 mins to download 140mb. I tried the torrent link but the page doesn't load. What's going on here?

is it just me or is downloading Episode 1374 extremely slow from curry.com?

@adam The thing about banning PC is about power consumption when the PC is IDLE, not when it's doing something. It not a ban.

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I think there were more No Agenda listeners last Sunday than there were watching the Oscars. @adam @Johncdvorak

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Worst Oscars ever. Whose idea was it to roll out boring backstories in the form of lame anecdotes on each nominee?

I'm outta here.

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Good show day morning!

Join me in the @Johncdvorak's prayer:


Podfather who art in Austin,
@adam be thy name;
Thy podcast come,
Thy show be done on streams as it is in Texas.
Give us this day our biweekly deconstruction and forgive us our douchebaggery as we call out douchebags from among us;
and lead us not into slavery,
but deliver us from deception.

For thine is the podcast, and the prediction and the small amygdala forever and ever.


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"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

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@adam Wow that rainstick worked, we have rain in California!

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