Does anyone know when the next Seattle NA meetup is?

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Welcome @fourmyle !

Maybe @ProfWorr or another Seattle person could answer that. In the meantime, let me get you a proper NAS welcome
@jennifer @m00se @yukiame @shebang

If you have any questions about how all this works, do not hesitate to ask!


Hey-ooo, fellow Seattleite! Welcome to No Agenda Social! I live in North Seattle close to Aurora. So, there's a site,, that should have it listed (forgive me if you already know about it). Actually, I haven't been to one yet and I've been meaning/wanting to attend one for some time, now. Keep in touch...

@ProfWorr bookmarked it. Just moved to Seattle this year looking to meet some NA folks. Went to the meetups in Oakland, CA before and they were cool.


You just met one! I'd be happy to grab a beer both at a meeting and outside of one (if a place can be navigated). ITM & TYFYC

@ProfWorr @fourmyle We're in Port Townsend but I'd love to get out to a Seattle meetup sometime. Missed the last one.

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