@anna what a peculiar way you dwell on this issue. you are telling me I should start to care? then things are worse than you let on, for I've read this without any worries, but in the end I am faced with quite a beefy warning in terms of word count.

@irritable I hope you are a doner (I have no proof this pun chain originated with my toot. I think I know what crypto feels

(heavily fragmented and without intrinsic value)

@thor this is because currently corrupt businesses are treated as criminals who must be punished. the only way we can move society forward is if we all agree corruption is a disease and it can be treated like any other disease. it's in the nature of any disease to relapse at any opportunity! it's up to us as world citizens to allow facebook a few steps backward as long as they stay active with their treatment regimen, while first aid is available in the case airways are obstructed by debris.

at first I thought this was really philosophical but I'm just dyslexic

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now that big ben reads 15½ I can talk about Theresa to prove my brain is offset from greenwich time

@Domanihatu it's a clever way to meet quotas. often it's easier to change the male/female ratio physically than to meet gender equality targets, and those affect the budget. the ends justify the means

how do I become affirmative toward building a strong cultural team dynamic

   I now posess the fastest personal computer presently available. 

party time 2019 listening to wax cylinders on internet radio

nvm ignore me I don't know what I'm doing on the internet today

I got the gender paradigm wrong by means of a technicality ??

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