so deceased like some needy bay city roller

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now that big ben reads 15½ I can talk about Theresa to prove my brain is offset from greenwich time

how do I become affirmative toward building a strong cultural team dynamic

   I now posess the fastest personal computer presently available. 

party time 2019 listening to wax cylinders on internet radio

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@flopper Good god my dude you don't have to justify not having fetishes through the prism of intersectional feminism

is it cool slacktivism to email the buddhist society requesting that any mention of "Myanmar" on their site be fixed to Burma

anyone notice the podcast No Such Thing as a Fish ep.247 mentioned @Johncdvorak for his infamous mouse observation?

also featured this episode: a whistling oyster and sheep who perform Shakespeare

just remembered that two months ago I considered putting my yellow safety vest into my normal clothing rotation

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