Any lawyers here with experience taking on auto repair shops? I’m in northeast Ohio.


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To everyone who can see this, please have a look at this Twitter thread. How is China handling the Coronavirus? Let's have a little look behind the Red Silk Curtain of the Chinese Communist Party.

How far can it go. A few of these videos may be hard to watch. No gore or anything but it shows you how scary the state can be. Download all the videos in this thread. Show it to your friends. Anyone.

Show them how far things can go "for your health".

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“Way back when the prophecies began
Do you think they really had a master plan
Or were they merely writing fables, stories?
I don't know but it has occurred to me
The punishment that they threaten constantly
It's only real if they could just convince me”

I’m trying to understand why Jose would even agree to Rogan. He knew tough questions would be fired. Maybe this has something to do with it?

Heard a guy today say, “These people get tattoos, the tattoo ink isn’t FDA approved. I don’t understand why they won’t take the shot.”

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Was going to create an account and reach out, then I see this...

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I’ve taken George Carlin’s approach to swear words with the kids. Told them how to use them and what they mean. The kids are 6 and 7. Their new favorite thing to do is chant “Fuck Joe Biden”.

P.s. It is hilarious to have a small child give you the middle finger.

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@bowduh @tolawson No one that I know of. However, I do know that you do not need to be technically in the know to get it up and running. If you can type a toot, you can install pi-hole. That being said, if you or anyone else has any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Has anyone had a dream so funny they woke up laughing?

Mine was last night, guys were driving around in a pickup tossing milk crates full of jars full of poop.

5G is a wild drug.

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