NEW: Delta Air CEO calls vaccine mandates "very blunt instrument", ditches ‘divisive’ vaccine mandate. Accommodations will be made for the unvaccinated instead of threatening employment, Ed Bastian says, reports Fox Business

JUST IN - Delta Air Lines ditches "divisive" #COVID19 vaccine mandate, CEO Ed Bastian announces (Fox)

Where Is the Biden Executive Order Mandating the Vaccine? Does It Exist? - LewRockwell

I’m talking about the Executive Order (EO) commanding all US companies with more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID vaccine for those employees. I can’t find the EO. I don’t see it in the Federal Register, where it’s supposed to be published. If it hasn’t been published, then there is no mandate. If there is no mandate yet, then obviously...

The inventor of the mRNA vaccine is blocked from reading, yes READING, the New England Journal of Medicine online. Because his opinion opposes the accepted scientific narrative.

Just got an email from our kid's high school reminding us about the vaccine clinics being held at the school. The superintendent included the name and email address of a doctor at the end of the message in case we have questions. Weeeeell, that right there was a rookie mistake.

Thousands more people than usual are dying ... but it’s not from Covid

"The danger is that these added pressures on the NHS will force the Government into locking down the country again this winter, mandating masks and work from home rules."

No doubt more people start dying because they couldn't get any healthcare. Not strange if sent all healthcare workers home. However within this article you - of course - will not find any deaths related to the experimental jabs.

For anyone who hasn't visited the Troll Room before during a live show, you might find using a real IRC client a better experience than using

Unfortunately, until I wrote this yesterday, there wasn't a starting point for how to do that. Now there is:

A huge blow to western Massachusnuts...

Smith & Wesson to Relocate Headquarters to Tennessee

"Move includes headquarters and significant portion of operations due to changing business climate for firearms manufacturing in Massachusetts"

Microsoft fixes critical bugs in secretly installed Azure Linux app. "With a single packet, an attacker can become root on a remote machine by simply removing the authentication header. It’s that simple." 😳

September 2007: Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn, observed by the Cassini probe from a distance of about 73,000 kilometers.

Both the director and deputy director of the FDA's office for evaluating and approving vaccines are leaving the agency. Hmmm, wonder why?

This is extremely concerning considering it is published on the NIH website.

So 700/827 received their first dose in the 3rd trimester. 3rd trimester defined as >28 wk. so 127 received it <28wk. 104 spontaneous abortions occurred <20 wk. 104/127 = 81.9%

another interesting point. under normal circumstances 20% of spontaneous abortion occurs after the first trimester (>14wk). In this study, 0.12% occurred >20wk.

Apple's "Neural Hash" used on images to help detect known pornography has been reverse engineered...

The algorithm was already shipped in iOS 14.3 and has been reimplemented in Python (Reddit story on one of the links). Tolerant to resizing & compression, not so to cropping and rotations.

A collision has already been demonstrated - allowing innocuous images poison the database. Sigh.

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