It looks like made some pricing plan changes last week, namely that media storage is now capped by price tier.

Given mastodon's inadequate media retention controls I imagine this will hit many customers in the pocketbook.

50GB media storage is $9/mo.

400GB media storage is $89/mo.

1TB media storage is $250/mo.


Don't let your memes be dreams, let their accrescent growth allocate all the disk space on your server because there's no quota implementation.

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Odd math on those prices, usually things get cheaper when you buy more. But you pay $0.18 per GB when you buy 50, $0.22 when you buy 400 and $0.25 when you buy 1000. 🤔

@eriner Does this effect everyone, or only hosted servers vs independent physical instances?

@eriner I'm now more glad started my own instance and I manage it myself.
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