For those who want to ping me when there are issues (outside of NAS), my Twitter is:


"...sends specially crafted MMS messages to the victim device and in most cases requires no end-user actions upon message reception to succeed—the user doesn't have to do anything to 'accept' exploits using the bug; it happens in the background."

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@adam just wanted to comment that counter to what John mentioned on the last show, it is certainly possible to execute code (on Android) by sending an MP4 without requiring any user interaction. This type of attack exploits the Android media framework. A big, well-known prior attack (StageFright vulnerability) demonstrates this.

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Upcoming changes to the mastodon server:

* Moving static content to S3

* Investigating potential move to Pleroma

* Implement CloudFlare Argo tunnel

* Move from current kubernetes cluster to new cluster

* Add new service to NAS

See thread for details.

Anyone know what the status of the Mastodon to Pleroma migration script?

I set up three relays on behalf of, value for value.

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The AllStar and EchoLink nodes are up! See

Would any NA producers be willing to help me run NAS? As in, run an image I provide on a spare RPI/old PC and leave it plugged in.

I'd like to distribute NAS across hardware and physical sites. I can accommodate any bandwidth/storage limitations.

I'll be documenting everything in a nice writeup and will open-source everything, but for now I'm just trying to gauge who/how many people would want to contribute by providing hardware/boxes.

If anyone is weird like me and needs Sun Tzu quotes SMS'd to you each day, here's an hour of my work shoved into a 5MB Docker container:

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Infrastructure changes have been made. Hopefully this change is transparent to everyone here and no one notices anything (except that things load a bit faster).

Please message me directly if you notice anything is broken.

It's a real shame has blocked/silenced NAS. I'd love to be able to contact @Gargron to report a security issue rather than being forced to disclose it publicly on the issue tracker.

And yes, I've created an account there and sent him a direct message, however he's likely to ignore a message from a brand new account, writing it off as spam, which is not at all unreasonable.

Damn shame.

3d printing parts for a 3d printer enclosure so I can 3d print a 3d printer with ABS.
What a time to be alive.


The non-smart phone is a no-go w/o a podcast player, headphone jack, and okay-ish speakers. I'd rather lose a browser than lose the podcast player.

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As promised, I created an issue proposing a change to allow users to override the server block functionality:

@ChrisWilson @maxmustermann @DaDenMan @adam

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@maxmustermann @adam @chriswilson @lain @eriner @quad 

hello id just like to interject for a moment and say that there is a difference between an 'ad hominem' and an insult. an ad hominem is when the character of the speaker is brought up as evidence against him. an insult is just an insult.

insult = you're a faggot and also wrong
ad hominem = you're wrong because you're a faggot   
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