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In light of the TWTR news...

If you're thinking about owning stock or voting in any corporate meetings, there are some things you should know.

I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a stock wizard or market structure expert, but I do like reading.

UNLESS your stock is held in your name at the corporation's transfer agent, YOU DON'T OWN SQUAT.

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and if you heat rice on the griddle (stir fry), cook it with broth instead of water and wash really well. The lipids from the broth added during cooking mean you don't need to add an entire stick of butter to reduce the sticking.

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If you purchase a grill in 2022, you're making a mistake.

Would you buy a pan with holes in it?

No, you wouldn't. So you shouldn't buy a grill. Grills are for charcoal.

If you're using propane, buy a flat-top griddle. A much better investment.

> Interest rate is at/near zero having been on a 40 year downtrend

> Government prints 80% of all currency in circulation

> Prices for goods and services increase ~15%

> A loud vocal minority yells: "There is a housing bubble!", "The stock market is going to plunge!"

If you can't see what's going on here, IDK what to tell ya.

To that wannabe-doctor PA who tried to coerce my pregnant wife to get the COVID shot:

You are retarded and deserve to have your head shaven. How many times did you push that on others? How many manslaughter charges should you face?

I would say you should lose your license, but you're not even a doctor. Fuck you, cunt.

@jerry what was the bottleneck on the old server? And do you run all the services on a single machine, or have services split between different machines?

If it is/was an all-in-one, you'll get a big benefit from the 5950's L3 cache.

Two recipes added to the No Agenda cookbook so far.

I need to make and take pictures of my own food before I add my own recipes. :P

@Johncdvorak Are there any pictures of No Agenda chicken that are larger than the 300x300 copy on cosmicweenie?

I, for one, welcome Elon Musk into the same social class that I and many others have been in for quite some time. People who own social media sites.

We're pretty much in the same league now, and I relish the competition.

Send me your secret family recipes!

I'm building out the No Agenda cookbook at!

Why is it that every Mac computer I use gets ghosts?

I'm pretty sure that "systemstats" has no business eating up 40GB of RAM.

I'm pretty tired of these Appleisms, including not allowing me to disable system processes without disabling SIP.

Calling dudes named Ben!

If any JavaScript devs want to tackle adding comments via Mastodon to the Cookbook's static site generator, I'd appreciate the assist:

Should just be a matter of either modifying the template slightly and adding a JS function or two.

If you're tech savvy and know what a pull request is, you can sign in with NAS and fork/pr the repo here:

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It was easier than I had thought. is live, but without any recipes!

Time to call your mother!

At minimum, submissions should include a picture and instructions. Ideally, format the submission in markdown like this:

The site will eventually look more like this demo site:

Thanks for the project, Clark!

The git repo that will contain the recipes (written in markdown) for the NAS cookbook: (Click the mastodon icon to sign in with NAS)

Cookbook will be accessible at

Next post about this will likely be announcing the PoC and soliciting recipe submissions!

New DB CPU is such a night and day difference!

I'll do a more complete writeup in a few days, but I'm pretty convinced the game-changer was indeed the L3 cache size bump, and not the RAM or core count increases.

I'll have a better comparison by the end of the day, but the old machine would frequently cap all cores for half a second at a time (hence the "random" 500ms+ delays). This box? Not even close, lol.

DB now has QUITE a bit more hardware. :D

I'm excited to see how NAS fares during heavy traffic hours (midday). I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I think the randomly slow page loads (1-3% of all requests, 500ms+) issue has been solved by scaling the database.

Things were snappy in off-peak hours before the change, but I'm hoping that responsiveness carries over into peak hours as well. :)

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