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Firefox exposes an "HTTPS only" toggle in the settings UI, finally. Used to have to dig into about:config to set that.

Digital game resale, anyone? Bueller?

Eth contract launches July 14th.

If you know anyone who is upset they couldn’t get onto NAS before it was closed off, send them over to!!! We are ready for more members of gitmo nation to join us!

If anyone uses RobinHood, transfer your shares out of that dumpster fire.

RIP Death by ego, drama, and attempting to monetize the network.

Wow, NAS job fails down by half since the change.

Also taking the opportunity to purge all of the old unavailable servers from the database. Those have been accumulating for 3+ years, probably worth removing.

Shame Mastodon doesn't give an easy way to do it.

SELECT domain FROM unavailable_domains WHERE updated_at <= NOW() - INTERVAL '30 DAY';

They're listed in the moderator UI, but no easy way to purge those domains. I don't understand how other big/old servers don't run into this.

Me, waking up to texts to fix NAS/Cloudflare after ISP DHCP lease lapse, then stumbling on on the (unrelated) root cause of the image uploads borking under high load

A few bugs and bots crawled into Mastodon, working them out now. Your feeds may be coming in late, but better late than never.

@darrenoneill @Sir_Fromgar @eriner This how freedom works. It's may not be as convenient, but freedom never comes easy.
We CANNOT have a central point of failure. You will thank me later.

Crypto (but specifically BTC) is really up there. Hardware wallets are sold out everywhere. Stimulus coming in on the 17th.

Bets on a BTC -> fiat crash in the ~30 days following the 17th, after the stimulus injection?

Puts on BTC, calls on any crypto with operational value (ETH, Sia, etc).

Not financial advice.

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