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🇳🇱 After the police violence against protesters, a father and daughter organized for cops to present their experiences with the culture and the hostile attitude towards protestors. The testimonies were taped and certified by a notary. Some of these were presented on YouTube. One of these was removed and after a threat by the duo to sue them, restored. It turned out YouTube did this at the request of the Dutch govt.
Their report ready, they receive death threats.

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An alternative to Spotify for listening to the Joe Rogan Experience.

Rest in Peace
John McAfee
November 26, 2012

Latest Episode
Adam Curry
July 6, 2021

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John McAfee, the creator of the antivirus, is found dead in his cell in a Barcelona prison after the AN ordered his extradition

Bloody Hell
From website, published by SPI-M-O on the 31st of March. It states on page 10 paragraph 32 of the expected roadmap out of lockdown, that they expect there to be a 3rd wave of infections in August. It also states that they expect 60-70% of the expected hospital admissions and DEATHS to come from those who have had both vaccinations.

If this isn't proof for anybody that the vaccines are intended for genocide then I don't know what is.

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🇳🇱 ' version of the CDC (i.e. ) aknowledges that some facemasks contain . And it doesn't know what to think of it. 🇧🇪 In people were advised (by ) not to wear the white with silver and titaniumdioxide .
But keep wearing them, people!

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- Doctor speaks about Covid. Makes more sense than the M5M garbage making people mentally ill. Screenshot from the video.

Thanks to @AstronomyAssn for finding

Link here:

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