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Shut down the FBI. Fire the unprincipled "troops" that go along with these obviously unconstitutional raids.

FBI Raids Home of Pro-Life Christian With Guns Drawn as Family Watches in Horror

In my best Gomer Pyle voice, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

COVID-19 relief fraud likely 'biggest fraud' in US history, tax watchdog warns

A little slice of heaven. Poles in the water. Sun going down.

Welcome the tyranny with open arms, slaves!

The Epoch Times -
NTSB Calls for All New Vehicles to Be Fitted With ‘Alcohol Impairment Detection Systems’

It's starting. Keep your head on a swivel, people.

“was part of a Republican extremist group and that he was afraid they were ‘coming to get him,'”

Man Admits to Running Down and Killing a 'Republican' Teen Over a Political Dispute

This is such a great YouTube channel. Eight hours of blues! So many to choose from!

Watch "Blues & Rock - Bourbon Whiskey Blues Music to Relax To" on YouTube

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