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"...the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear..."

Attention slaves of the Catawba River Valley- my smokin hot wife @CaptainYeet and I are planning to host a meetup sometime in the next few weeks. Looking to see if I can get an idea of how many would be interested, but we're thinking of having it at Royal Bliss Brewery in Denver, NC. Looking to unite the tribesmen and women of Catawba, Lincoln, and north Mecklenburg counties, but all are of course welcome. Look for an official announcement during an upcoming donation segment and on NA Meetups.

"I'm not an expert but I smoked dope before you ever did" is the top JCD quote of the year so far

When they clash and argue during the show:

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IN THE MORNING to the and all the producers across the Carolinas!

Charlotte's Thirsty Third Thursday Monthly Meetup returns to Ed's Tavern this Thursday, December 16th at 7 p.m.! 🍻

come out and join your fellow Charlotte producers! meet the knights, dames, and other members of the peerage from across the Carolinas! douchebags are welcome!


cc @Bingocrosby @CaptainYeet @elbix @MorningFireDesign @TrusttheSCIENCE33

Here's a pretty comprehensive list of leftists celebrating the attack last night

Wanna make it so I never take another JAB! as long as I live?

‘cause this is *precisely* how you make it so I never take another JAB! as long as I live

Does anyone have any experience with the Hyperfund as mentioned by Sir Luke on last Thursday's show?

@SirSpencer It's unbelievable. There's people saying that the judge is clearly biased toward Kyle. I keep thinking to myself, "Isn't the court SUPPOSED to be biased toward the defense, since the whole point is that you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?" :P

I've done a lot of professional and personal growth over the last 2 years since I became a civilian, but so far the most difficult thing I've had to learn is how to cook a well-done steak for an expectant @CaptainYeet

"When in the Course of Human Events" has been a perpetual mood lately.

does anyone remember the name of those Ivermectin blister packs Adam talked about a few shows ago?

Costco brisket didn't turn out half bad (and might be even better the next day)

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