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On January 24, 2022, the global predators made their next big move toward the complete domination of humanity. The World Health Association (WH0)—slave to both Bill Gates and Xi Jinping—announced its already-activated plan to completely take over world health.

My two brothers paid a visit to a friend of our family today. (Dave) recently had a stroke and my older brother fixed up a scooter for him. While they were there Dave demonstrated him DIY Midi pipe organ he build from six different organs. So glad my little brother recorded it to video!

Facebook marketplace will be taxing and reporting transactions to the uncle s. beginning in Jan 2022. Thinking it’s time to start something new somewhere else. Does anyone know if there is already something like that?

Video of CNN Perv Producer describing what he wants to do to his stepdaughter. Lady tried to bring info to police--they wouldn't listen. Project Veritas listened.

Omnicrom doesn't exist. I have my doubts about Omicron as well.

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