Our offensive govt hard at offending. Can you imagine how pissed this would make you?

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1. I'd be pissed
2. I've 100% put untaxes fuel into road vehicles before... 🙈

In my defense it was the only diesel I had and the truck was on fumes.


Unfortunately this isn't new.

I remember this being a thing back during Bush's 1st term & Obama.

@edgar67 If you want a redpill look into "dyed diesel" and the fines for it. Try to resist your urge to abolish the government as you do it.
@edgar67 I'm working on a free energy project.
Feel free to donate so we solve this problem (and many more) once and for all.

@JoshP @edgar67 they probably "ask" - maybe detain you if you refuse.

@picofarad @edgar67 fewer hands to grope the other citizens for the duration then. If everyone refuses, what'll they do?

@JoshP @edgar67 "mandate" that diesel vehicles have a device that detects non-approved diesel and shuts off. They'd like it to phone home with GPS coordinates too.


I'm more curious about where biodiesel falls, with this "test"

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