The instructions on all of these next ones were "Fish heads drinking cappuccinos in an Italian restaurant with Mariachi band playing in the background." I was using the program pretty much blind and I saw some buttons with letters so I pressed a few of them and these were some of the results. ITM, my friend!

What?! A Democrat that will CHEAT to "win?" WHATCHUTALKINGBOUT? youtu.be/RakTv27oEZw

Our offensive govt hard at offending. Can you imagine how pissed this would make you?

She flies around on her little jet plane fighting climate change. Yay!

I finally gave in and got a real cell phone. It’s an Android. What podcast app do you recommend? Thank you!

A most important talk about US-Russian relations...

Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin


TRUTH BOMBS FROM LARA LOGAN about Russia, Ukraine and America...


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