I'm working on a presentation for parents about internet safety, protecting the kids while they surf, educating them to make wise decisions while online, and all that kind of stuff.

Hit me with your best resources, hard/software, and anything else you might have. I'll have a potential audience of 2500 families (between all the ways it'll be published) of varying opinions so I'd like to address as many angles as possible.


Software's not worth it, it's not good enough and you shouldn't hand your kids over to a robot nanny you can't interview. The more software or hardware blocks you put up the more your kids will worm through to see what's on the other side. What are you going to do? Block all of youtube to stop porn & NWO?

No internet if you can't supervise, limited screen time when very young. Make sure that your kids trust you, and they come to you when they aren't sure on have Q's.

When you can trust your kid's decision making (and cut them some slack so they can make their own mistakes and learn from experience) let them go.

If you can't trust your kids you've already lost. If your kids don't trust you, you've lost.

Software does not fix you abdicating your responsibility to parent.

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