I was there when Racket's YouTube account got shwacked. First twitter, now yt. Some organized group of punks is getting him deplatformed.

Vacation successful! My diy 7 key keyboard is at proof of concept levels of stable. It boots, Bluetooth connects, you can type some chords and it will send key presses. The wrong key presses, but that's an implementation detail we can work out.

I'm watching the Darrell Brooks (Waukesha Christmas Parade) pro se hearing. I spent a lot of time around autistic people growing up.

This dude is high functioning autistic. He has no filters, he can't stop his outbursts, he's on a hair trigger for autistic outbursts. He probably digests textbooks and has incredible recall, and he might even have a law theory in his head, but the problem is the logic will only make sense to someone who is also autistic.

The next comedy scifi show should use that obnoxious tiktok text to speech voice for the ship computer and just drive everyone to gouge their ears out.

If I were the democrats, and if I were smart, I would be sending out mailers painting the most tame, wef, cuck types of rino Republicans as "Maga extremists" that way dummies would vote for them and then even if there is a "red wave" that they can't cheat and win, they can still "bully" their "opposition" into doing what was the plan all along.

Is that too 4 dimensional chess for these people that can't tell men from women?

Not exactly a persuasive argument you got there dems.

First ________, since _______.

Learn English dumbasses. Is it the first? Or has it just been a while?

Didn't Karrim Jean-Pierre van Damm also have a speech recently where she said something dumb about us having a strong and endearing relationship with some nation? Same speech writer? In there only one speech writer for the whole administration?

Johnny boy you're as bad as these tiktokers. You gotta edit out the clicks you put in when you're tightening clips up. The clicks come from the speaker needing to instantaneously change location.

Nobody else did see say memes on see say day. I has a sad. Did it not come up on the show?

How's everyone doing on day? Why do you seesaw?

First day of pto lined up with a beautiful clear day, so let's smoke some ribs and play Stellaris.

Theodorable is never getting Spiderman back, is he?

I've now told my manager "look, the day my badge works is the day I will be back in the office. But I will not be jumping through hoops to do so."

I guess the disappearing media player notifications are because everyone is migrating to the new Android 12/13 api, but my phone is stuck on 11.

What if swaywm wasn't utter sophomoric trash for a display server?

I need an iso of Sharpton saying "Hubris"

Fascinating grammatical fact: you don't need to nominalize a noun.

What is the point in partitioning an internal nvme drive? You're going to run windows update out of space, and your drive is smaller for steam games?

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