Walgreens: "Free Flu Shot -- Ages 3+ with most plans"
Seen Hopkinsville, KY Sept 25 πŸ’‰ πŸ‘Ά

Police Fire on Protesters in Melbourne City

(from Avi at Rebel News)

This screen was on my phone when I unlocked it just now.

The Canary Islands Seismic Network has been registering a strong increase in the amplitude of the volcanic tremor for the last 4 hours, which is an indicator of the intensity of the Strombolian explosive activity in the active mouths at this time.

Had another co-worker test positive with Covid. He got bad and went to hospital. The doctor explained if his oxygen got much lower they were going to put him on a vent. Coworker refused and signed himself out. Frontline doctor got him a script for Ivermectin and coworker has a pharmacist friend who filled the prescription. Coworker was back at work Tuesday, 9/14/21. There is something evil going on.

Find out where you can get treatment before you need it. The sickness is real, but treatable.

We are hiring mechanics welders and lube techs. We are based out of Murray Utah. Must be eligible for CDL, pass a pee test and have experience in cat, John Deere or komatsu equipment. We are w also an authorized service provider for Sennebogen and factory trainer to install Engcon tiltrotors. Completely company pair for health insurance at 90 days and room for advancement

One of my teenager's friends just lost a cousin who was in his 20s, he was vaccinated and died of a heart attack. He has no pre-existing heart issues. There is something very wrong with this vax.

Church Council Chairman: If there were an illness like the cooties-19 during Jesus time....

Me: Indeed, there was a much worse illness that actually killed people and it was called LEPROSY.

Church Council: [silence]

That cursed silence.

People aren't allowed to suffer with their seasonal allergies in peace anymore. Woe to anyone who sneezes in public or has a runny nose.

Washington state rumor from a source: Inslee is going to shutdown all schools in two weeks.

Well Crap, mandatory testing is being enforce twice a week. You have to sign a waiver stating that you authorize the corp to receive and pass on your test results to govt and other 3rd party companies.

It also says if you fail to give this authorization that you can face disciplinary action up to and including termination.....

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