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“This is the kind of thing that Dominic Cummings would endorse.

It’s not who we are.

Once you start doing these things where do you stop? We need to tread very carefully here. There are concerns across the cabinet about denying people their freedoms.’

Joseph added that since reopening it had been “Hell on Earth”. “We’re back open because we have to be but then the government are talking about bringing in vaccine passports from September. It makes you wonder, are we doing the right thing?”

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Working on a re-edit of this classic today. I already re-mastered it, and the whole thing will be a nice homage so I can play it in the car. Preserve the original, but steel man the vibe. Which is pure steel as it is.

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Have Wargaming Corporations Gone Operational Against We the People? with Special Guest David Hawkins

Rewatching this again, such high quality analysis and ideas

The Dark Stoa: Blackmail Inflation w/ Patrick Ryan
Pat reviews the history of blackmail and explores what a world would look like without it?

Now there an Ivermectin COIN

July 24th is World Ivermectin Day.
Set the date. End the plague.

As someone who maintains & repairs stuff, this is at least some great news in a world of bad news.
There must be some nefarious reason for Biden to do this, because spawn of satan, but hey, this gets the idea huge publicity.

US President asks FTC to draft Right to Repair rules WOW!

Andreas and friends

Modern Mania 2 Musk Madness and Derivative Memes - Episode 466

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