This timeline is hotting up.

Twin 'comets' 'fired' into the hearts of twin volcanoes. One week apart.

Right on cue. Long time coming.
Can't wait for the downfall.

Anonymous | Musk | Warning

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Michael Rectenwald: Google Archipelago & Great Reset as One-World Monopoly of Government

Trump Planning Return as U.S. Congressman from Florida to Become Speaker and Begin Impeachment

Heresies Ep. 2: White Privilege? The Demonisation of the White Working Class

Peter Whittle | New Culture Forum

We Must Take Control Of Our History Again: Western Civilization Is Under Attack

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People who think we cannot do anything. This is the template of what we need to be doing at the local level. Lets organize and go to our town meetings and start calling these people out on their shit

I'm certain I had Covid-19 in late Dec 2019, it lasted till about March and was the worst 'flu' and cough I have ever had [I don't really get flu, had it once as a child]. It was horrendous. Night sweats only stopped a few months ago.

Long Term Effects of COVID 19 - Chronic COVID Center Program | Long Haulers

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"This ain't gunna in till its in a coffin" ~ Tom MacDonald
NEW VIDEO! "Snowflakes"

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BREAKING: Chinese Defector Confirms COVID-19 Was Manmade in a Laboratory - This Is Why the Obama-Biden Gang Has Changed Its Narrative Surrounding the Origins of COVID-19

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