I think I’ve finally started grasping and welcoming the concept of impermanence. I never realized (until recently) how freeing it can be to look at the world from an ever-changing lens vs. one that’s stagnant. It makes dealing with all the craziness of the world a lot easier, at least for me.

What’s funny is this recent epiphany comes on the heels of seeing the number 33 EVERYWHERE. Cosmic connection? Or maybe it’s just time to donate to the best podcast in the universe again… 🤔

Hiding amongst the positive news of Mary J officially being legal in VA is also a bill that requires teachers to be evaluated on their level of "cultural competency." Combine that with the VA Dept. of Education's other BS "inclusive" initiatives, and you've got one hell of a schooling system (NOT).

Slowly but surely, this state will end up in the shitter like other blue states. Until then, I’ll just enjoy some MJ and try to forget about the clown world we all live in 🤡


Why does LinkedIn prompt you to add your pronouns to your profile? As if all the woke virtue signaling hasn't gone far enough. The only pronouns that should matter on LinkedIn is "I want / A job."

In typical corporate, virtue signaling fashion, our CEO sent out an email regarding Pride Month, and I learned the appropriate acronym is now "LGBTQIA2+".

Since when did they start adding letters to this thing like patches on a Boy Scout vest?

I went to a Barnes & Noble for the first time in well over a year this past weekend. Amongst the copious amounts of end caps filled with woke, lefty propaganda such as books about the Obamas and magazines featuring BLM and Kamaltoe Harris, there was the biggest woke cherry of them all to top my visit...

I witnessed a teenage girl saying "That book's sexist!" in the most valley girl tone of voice. Kind of like how Sofia with an "F" talks.

What a woke time to be alive! 🤢

I have a theory...COVID is nothing but a state of mind at this point. Sure, it may be an actual infection, but can everyone just finally admit it’s basically another version of the flu?

I say it’s a state of mind because people can choose to be scared of it or not. If you recognize it for what it actually is (bullshit), then it takes away it’s “power.” Not that I ever let it control my life, but the sheeple need to do the same.

That’s my “It’s Friday and I’m Done with the Bullshit” rant!

Pretty relevant article considering a lot of producers have started using "Hey Guysss" as a greeting to donation letters 😂

In all seriousness though...when will this attack on speech ever just stop? Don't people have literally ANYTHING better to do with their lives than nitpick every little word someone says? UGH.


Wow, we've got some good, quality journalists in our midst 🙄 Clearly, they don't have anything better to "report" on with Trump not around to constantly berate.


Very much convinced that the "Close Door" button in elevators is just another way we're given the illusion of control.

It'd be nice if that shit actually worked, especially when I'm trying to be anti-social first thing in the morning at work...

If anyone is ever looking for something to cure their M5M woes, I suggest watching old Steve Irwin videos. Damn, those things are good for the soul 😂

(Don't ask questions. Just take my word for it.)

From The New York Lies...ahem, I mean Times:

"Two Masks Are the New Masks: Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk when you have to spend more time around others — in a taxi, on a train or plane, or at an inauguration."

I know this has been talked about a lot on here recently, but this article infuriated the hell out of me. She talks about it like double masks are a hot, new fashion trend. I lose faith in humanity more and more every day 🙄


Well, working from home due to the "rise in COVID cases" only lasted a week. We're back in the office now (how pointless).

I'm still holding out from wearing my mask at my desk, but there's a new protocol if you get caught...you'll be asked to leave immediately and can't return to the office until you complete a "Returning to the Office Training." Sounds a whole helluva lot like a form of re-education training. This clown world shit is so laughable 🤡 😂

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Modern feminism explained; 100 guys!!! ... called 'empowerment.'

America, may I interest you in sum dum fuk?

😂 🤣 😂

I kid you not...I just saw a car with the license plate "TRUMPP" and literally every Trump bumper sticker ever made adorning the back like wrapping paper. Oh, and it had a 45 decal on both sides like a race car. It was pretty epic!

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No enough food porn on NAS. My version of Heuvos Rancheros.

Given that I've been able to openly express my opinions about COVID and vaccines with my parents without much push back, I decided to test the "9/11 was an inside job" waters. Let's just say they weren't ready for that one. Dually noted. Time to reign it back in a little bit 😆

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I played this game tonight that’s basically freeform Scrabble, and take a guess what my first word was. One might say I released the kraken.

Too soon? 🐙

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If one of my co-workers is not playing with a "fart machine" on this call, then I think they will blow up their home office if they strike a match with the volume of air expelled from that "double fart"

It was way louder than the Chris Mathews/Swalwell incident and lasted at least 20 seconds with a 5 second after burst.

😂 😂 😂 😂

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