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It was this morning while listening to the donation segment of yesterday’s show that I discovered the lead singer of one of my all time favorite bands, Dance Gavin Dance, is a NA listener. I about lost my jaw from the amazement.

Tilian, if you’re on here...in the morning and thank you for your service!

Central VA meetups are going strong! Our last meetup had 13 slaves show up. Be part of the partay and join us at our next meetup in just one week.



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Went to my first NA Meetup in the 804. Was great meeting everyone! Big thanks to @eMarie for organizing the event, look forward to the next one!

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This weekend's Richmond Meet up is on the meet-up site.

@eMarie is the organizer.

Don't be a douchebag; RSVP today.


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Round 2 of the Central VA Local 804 Meetup happening next Saturday, February 26 from 2-4 pm at The Veil Brewery (1301 Roseneath Rd, Richmond, VA 23230). Organized by Emily H. Summitted and pending approval on the meet-up page. TYFYC

If you're in or around Richmond, stop by River City Roll at 5 pm today for the Central VA Meetup. The more, the merrier!



Fellow Central Virginians...clear your calendars on Saturday, February 19 at 5 pm! Join me, @anneofgrayrock and a few other slaves for an evening of bowling and amygdala shrinking at River City Roll! Be there, or be a douchebag.


Decided to watch Breaking Bad again as something to have on in the background while I work. Rewatching it has made me realize how much I miss television and movies that aren’t just woke or political pushing garbage.

If Breaking Bad was released today, Walter would have been a lesbian and Jesse most definitely would have been a POC. Then maybe a trans drug dealer sprinkled in somewhere...

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Earpiece: "Um Joe, you shouldn't be talking about the Build Back Better bill right now."

Joe: "I'm not supposed to be having this press conference right now."

Reporters try to ask more questions about BBB.

Joe (in this head): "Time to French exit this bitch." *Turns and walks offstage awkwardly without another word*

I just pulled up the live stream in preparation for BoJoe's stark warning at approximately the time it read "Live in 66 minutes."

Bad sign? 😬

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I doubt even Mariah Carey herself supports playing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on loop all day

10 years ago I walked into a shoe store, bought some running shoes, and started my journey to better health.

From bodybuilding to crossfit to olympic weightlifting and now back to the basics, my journey has changed a lot over the years. One thing has remained constant though...it's one of the best things I ever decided to do for myself, especially in dealing with today's crazy world. I'm eternally grateful I took that step so long ago.

That concludes my ode to healthy living.

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No Agenda Social is proof that in hell we will be in good company.

What a hilariously, idiotic article 😂

"America is in for a lot more breakthrough infections" aka the jig is up...the vax is a useless dud.

What I find most annoying about this article (and all other similar M5M stories) is that they are STILL adamant on calling any vaxxed person with COVID a breakthrough infection like it's some novel concept. Um no, you got COVID like the rest of us unvaxxed heathens.


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Yet another concert venue to change their COVID policy just a week after buying a ticket — full vaccination required. I don’t know why I even bother trying to see live music anymore... 🙄

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