Hi! I just got here and have 2 questions. Is everything i see here posted by NA people? Whats the difference between Local and Global?

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Welcome to NAS!

Local is NA Social posts.

Global is the fediverse, which is anyone on a mastadon server that has linked with NAS. I stay local myself.

Home is where you see people you follow. That's where you'll see "boosts" which are like retweets and replies, but only from those you specifically follow, from what I have been able to gather.

@jennifer cool. thank you! by the way; im using your animated no agenda clips a lot to hit people in the mouth (i think its called like that). Those clips are the best!

The global is scary, so scary....🙈😅

Everything thing here seems very organic, for now anyway!


@TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dutchnewguy, by liberally using the block feature, I’ve been able to keep that number closer to 10-20%. 😅

@TheRotation @MountainJay @WidowGarrett Well, it didnt took long to find that out. I guess i will be blocking. Or just not hitting the Global button 😎

@dutchnewguy @TheRotation @MountainJay
Sometimes I am baffled at my feed until I realize I’m accidentally in the Federated 😅

@dutchnewguy @TheRotation @MountainJay @WidowGarrett

Hey there is no porn or anime porn or whatever of that in my instance.
Moderators should work harder on NAS' instance. As a moderator you don't need to block at all, you can just force posts to being skipped from the global timeline.
At least on Pleroma, not sure how it works on Mastodon.
The only blocking that I did was porn specific instances and japanese only instances.

@dutchnewguy @MountainJay @TheRotation @WidowGarrett

correction: you can just force posts from specific users to being skipped from the global timeline.

@mystik @TheRotation @MountainJay @WidowGarrett @dutchnewguy a couple strategic domain blocks filters the porn nicely 😀.

Is na social still on the 'nazi quadroon' filter for most of the federation?

@mystik @MountainJay @TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dibiase @dutchnewguy

I disagree; it was egalitarian within an ethnic group. Lots of state-funded equality.

Some good ideas, like subsidy for small business and creation of a warrior class.
@mystik @MountainJay @TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dibiase @dutchnewguy

The so-called far-Right of that era wanted to integrate government and corporations... it was like hyper-libertarianism, mixed with remnants of Communism. It makes me queasy.
@mystik @MountainJay @TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dibiase @dutchnewguy

It's a hybrid of nationalism and socialism.

Once you get the nationalism out of the way, all you have is the socialism.
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@MountainJay @TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dutchnewguy the worst part isn't that it's porn, it's that it's the worst porn. I'm not a fan in general, but what I've run into on the Fediverse is particularly offensive for reasons of low quality.

Dame Jennifer pretty much explained it, but I'd like to add that the Global timeline is composed of everyone whom you follow, follows. That's why you'll see people from NAS there as well as people from other instances.

Also, Boosting a post sends it to your Home timeline and only people who follow you will see it. So if you want people in the Local or Global timelines to see someone else's Toot, you should link to the Toot in a new post.
Tap the ... on a post to see more options.

One more thing, tap the 🌎 icon on your post to change which timelines can see the post (before you post it).

The last option, "post to mentioned users only" is how you DM someone while keeping it in the thread.

One last thing for real this time: you can set filters for certain words if you don't want posts that mention them to show up in your timelines. E.g "Covid19," "Trump," "Furries, " "DemonRats." Just like any social media, sometimes the conversations get overwhelming.

I think @jennifer got your initial questions answered.

If you click on your name you can bring up some more stuff as well. The "..." item brings up a menu with a list of favorites, "lists", muted & blocked users or servers.

The lists allow you to focus on a subset of users (similar to home but specific to that list).

There's lots of stuff here - almost everything is click and don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions.

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