The systemic murder of all of the millennials nostalgic heroes is torturous.

It seems any culture that we grew up with is being tossed aside. Cosby? Nope can’t have him. Star Wars? Never, we should ruin that. Anything funny growing up in the 90s and early 2000s.. they just destroy it. The Fresh Prince? Not so fresh is he.

Is this the cycle?

@dustinthewind @black6_ psh....c'mon guys. Obviously you're both wrong, and they call it "Woolly Willie"

I’m not convinced people are born with sexual preferences outside of heterosexual. Intersex I understand is an anomaly or not typical. I just have to trust every gay person that says they were born this way, that they’re intelligent enough to analyze they’re entire childhood and come to a conclusion they were born that way without any outside influences by media or over/underwhelming parenting.

Women are the root of all evil, without women... there are no evil men.

Luke Skywalker is the most influential and inspiring character in Science Fiction history. That is, if you discount the Star Wars sequels.

I see what’s happening. Instead of one maniacal failed art student, you create an entire country of deranged failed art students. is now toting empathy as a “skill.”

Do you agree or disagree with this?

Why didn’t trump have a podcast? Is it a boomer thing?

FUND THE POLICE?! Ok... so you’re telling me funding the police of a tyrannical government is a good idea....

What a switcharoo, kick out all the insubordinate good cops. Defund and strip them down, then refund them the way you want them.

This is brilliant.

ROSATOM "Uranium One"

What happens in Ukraine stays in Ukraine... unless a foreign military invasion happens?

@BigSkyRider tight formations that you would not see in a combat theater...

Looks more like an airshow or etc.

might have a secondary objective in , destruction of .

He did mention that " was a in ", with roots in residing there in his history recounting speech.

Ran across this neato thread just before
Overlay of locations & sites during the initial attack by is telling.

3yo doc on it

I can hardly keep up with the US government and now there’s a war in Ukrainian being shoved down my throat, sounds like it’s time to tune out of NAS for a bit.

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