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Woke Patton.. Culture warrior par excellence Carpe Donktum at his finest:

I almost missed it, but at the end, 52:18 RFK says TYFYC to Tucker 👀

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Antifascistas deseándole el fascismo a gente que tiene opiniones distintas a las de ellos es un nuevo nivel de mezquindad.

there was a clip of this on the show today. audio is a little rough at the beginning but RFK jr is dropping tactical nukes on the enemy

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Kyle Rittenhouse to open a shop specializing in instant bicep tattoo removal

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I was fired today after 20 years with the state of Oregon for not getting the jab. Freedom feels amazing! 🇺🇸 First a vacation then a lawsuit 😃

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@Jdogg247 haha drug companies would never try to sell thalidomide!

Or Phen Phen!

Or Oxycodone!

Or Heroine!

Or Cocaine!

Or Valdecoxib!

Or Bromfenac!

Or Vioxx!

Or Troglitazone!

Or Rezulin!

They'd never try to sell these drugs to you because they're all perfectly safe and were approved by the FDA.

Sussman is a scapegoat. They needed a patsy for the Steele Dossier BS and wanted to punish him for exposing 6-wk cycle FBI/SDNY tactics in defense of his client Adam Heller in the wake of Sandy Hook, so they dropped RussiaGate in his lap and made him run with it. This interview for background. ff to 3:13 to skip the very cringy intro

Lara is so good. Skip to 17:00 for her talk. She's not optimistic but she does mention meeting her new neighbors early in.

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Hello, I made a new track tonight.

This is a high energy audio beatdown that's perfect for your meth head roleplay costume during your next company mixer.

Techwipe - Your Mileage May Vary


Quick 7 minutes of greatness. USA needs leaders like this man

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High level thinking here from Pete and Richard
Also in podcast form
[Free Man Beyond the Wall] Episode 627: This Global Propaganda Campaign w/ Richard Grove

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