@GunnarStoedle Awesome! Feel free to ask any specific questions and will do my best to check back to answer.


I have noticed. Pretty sweet.

I have not. I have not had a need to use it fully yet but will let you know if and when I do. Hope you do the same.

I have been using GrapheneOS for a week now and love it. Battery life is at least three days.

Learn more from my blog post over at: craignuzzo.tech/grapheneos/

@Bingoboomshaka Awesome!

My photos will not touch the outside net either. Currently, I store on device and will sync over with Syncthing to my home storage boxes.

@SirPaulTheTrustedAdvisor @KingClown

Nope, sorry. Only the Pixel phones are officially supported for production ready release builds. That hardware has the best security.

Source: grapheneos.org/faq#supported-d

@Bingoboomshaka That's awesome! Would love a share on set-up documentation. I am sure I can figure out if need to and I want to go that route as I do want to get off a phone provider, but least path to resistance would be appreciated.

@bifpowell "The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 aren't currently supported."
Source: grapheneos.org/faq

I have no plans of ever needing to use 5G so I hop it will. That disabling ability appears to not be a thing yet as it is not needed.

I may be willing to install GrapheneOS on your Pixel for you. I recommend the 4a. Let me know if interested.

Yup, I did the same with Google when I bought my Pixel 4a for Graphene. But these huge companies do have the best research and development in their hardware.

I never understood why the Linux subsystem but that is a discussion for another day and thread. I suppose for Dudes Named Ben that have to use Windows provided machines it would be very cool.

I have been a Linux desktop user for all devices for over about a decade now. But my use case may be vastly different than yours.

@[email protected] @bufordk

Haha, love it! Great minds thinking alike.

I will explore KeePassX for sure, but will probably not have the "1 Windows" box ever. Although, if I ever develop an app for every day users I will have an air gapped Win box for testing, but that may not be needed if I go a pure PWA route, which I will with either Flask or Django.

Very curious in installing OpenBSD on a MS Surface too. I have seen some cool install tutorials out there. Rainy day project.

@groninger Very cool! I have not heard of this one. I typically do not go on any reddit on my phone due to distractions, but may have to check this out. Especially better than reading directly off the reddit site in a browser I am sure if I need to read on mobile.

@groninger I can appreciate your sentiment. He's just being blunt. You would feel the same affect in other Linux or BSD communities (i.e. Arch or OpenBSD). I do not take it as being rude at all. He is just getting to the point and it is appreciated. The man has done so much work for Graphene. I hope he receives the donations and programmer help he needs.


The point is not to root it. To keep it extra secure. Not sure if possible. You would have to ask the Graphene Community in their Matrix or IRC channels, which can find on their site. I believe they also have a subreddit so maybe search for that question and get a better explanation.

I know they are working on microG compatibility. It is explained in about the fifth paragraph down on their homepage: grapheneos.org

@Kaiserhase Great thought. Graphene is meant to harden the Android experience from all levels of software abstration and Pixel hardware is currently the best. You could go with Lineage for a Samsung phone. The official Graphene site has detailed explanations.

@bufordk Awesome! Thank you

I might check out RadioDroid. That sounds sweet.

I was making a switch over to Bitwarden from LastPass but may consider all my options and weigh them from different angles. Appreciate it.

Jitsi is fantastic! And I have been an advocate VLC user on all my devices since the project began. Best piece of open-source out there.

for now, I am rocking the following via F-Droid install:

My workflow of apps:

File Sync: Syncthing

Notes: Standard Notes

Maps: OsmAnd~


Texting: Signal Messenger (APK)

E-Mail: ProtonMail APK (or K-9)

Podcasts: AntennaPod

Music: VLC

Videos: NewPipe

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@Hope_report a blog post is in the works and will make it as simple as possible with a good amount of info. Will post that soon and in this thread for you.

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